Fiber in Höje

“The die is cast” Now we start digging!

As of right now we transition from theory, to practice.
Now that we have completed our three informational meetings, here is an update of the current status, but first some important points.

We have a number of properties in our area that have only registered their interest but have not signed the agreement. Please verify you received confirmation (email or post) labeled “Tack för er beställning”. If you are unsure, please contact us and we will check for you to make sure your property is in fact registered.

Also, it is not too late to sign the agreement if you have not yet done so, by going to As long as the detailed planning has not yet been completed and digging has started, you can still sign up. Our area has also been expanded to include Sjögränd and Bäckåsarna.

What has happened in the summer?

As indicated before, we have signed an agreement with Zitius. We are in fact the first group in Sweden that has a written agreement, since we wanted clarity both for ourselves as well as for Zitius, about the requirements. This has ensured that we have a good agreement and that we in fact can offer fiber to 100% of our area, something which is not always the case in other areas.

Vi have started recruitment of subscribers and have now reached the goal of 570 connections. In fact, it turned out we did not see all the signed up connections, as some properties asked for an additional connection, and we are now in fact up to over 600 requested connections. This also means we will receive the agreed bonus that we agreed on (free fiber connectivity for several of our community buildings).

(Since the goal has been reacted, we can no longer see new signups and therefore will stop updating the number of connections on this website)

City council has, with support of ERUF 1 money secured the construction of part of the backbone connections. When governments do business, things take time, but the first part is now ready and digging towards Sörby has in fact started.

We have also had a start-up meeting with Zitius and Relacom and have received a rough timetable.

What happens now?

We will of course continue to help out people who wish to sign up, but our focus will now shift towards helping the contractor with the planning and make sure all the property agreements are in signed. Everyone who has not signed an agreement but who will be affected by the digging/plowing will be contacted before the work starts.

And finally, the part that most of you have been waiting for, “when will I get fiber???”

This is a rough plan and as you will see, some areas are marked ERUF, this is because these areas depend on the backbone fiber to be installed which can only be done once the city council finishes their process and gets a contract signed for this. This is on it’s way but as stated before, these things take time. For these areas it means that the planning is on hold until the time-frame for completion of these backbone connections is known.

The plan was also made with a long, cold winter in mind, which would make digging impossible. If we have a mild winter, this might accelerate the time-table. On the other hand it is also somewhat difficult to plan material, machines and crew, since so much digging is happening right now. All of Sweden is getting connected and this is putting a strain on the availability of both crew and materials.
We will keep updating this page as soon as we have new information


If you would like help, or if you’d like to be added to our mailing list for important information (in Swedish), please contact

This is not just for Höje but for the whole affected area.