Tuesday the 4th of march in By-Skymnäs folketshus.

Around 60 interested persons showed up at this informative metting, Nils-Ove Nilsson och Per Ekblom welcomed everyone. Göran Eriksson and Jonny Lövgren from Hagfors kommun informed us on how their expansion of their fibernet affects us. They presented an example on how we can get fiber in our homes. After a coffee-break, Peter Lustig from Sillerud spoke about his experiences in their “Neighbourhood network”, they are almost ready and are expecting to be able to connect everything this summer.

After a short Q&A the decision was made to continue the “Fiber in Höje” project and make it possible.

A workgroup was formed to continue the work and to come up with a proposal for an interim administration for next meeting.

”The ball is roling”