Why fiber?

Why should we invest in fiber?

Basically, it is now or never. Telia’s copper telephone and adsl network is being phased out. Several telestations in Hagfors Kommun will be shut down within a year. If we do not invest in a fiber network, together, our only other option will be to use 3G/4G mobile internet, which does not have the capacity to handle that many connections properly.

By investing in a fiber network together, we can keep the costs relatively low. There is a lot of digging involved and this is considerably cheaper if we do it together. Together, we can also get grant money from the European Union, lowering the costs even more. Our current estimate is that each connection will cost between 10.000 and 30.000 Kr.

But that is a lot of money!

Yes, it is. We understand that many households will find it difficult to finance this and that is why we have already talked to both Swedbank and Nordea, both have indicated that they do not see any big problems with financing this investment, for example as an extension to the mortgage on the property. We will provide more details when we have more concrete information.

But we do not need super-fast internet!

No, probably not yet, but more and more services are changing to IP-based services and these will all require a fast internet connection in the future. Think of telephony which is switching to VoIP (IP-telefoni), TV which in many cases is already being delivered via adsl (something 3G/4G mobile internet simply cannot do).

Home and personal security systems can also more and more often use an internet connection instead of the old phone line to send out alarms and to manage the system online. Forgot to turn on your home alarm? Simply take your smartphone and enable the alarm with an app.

Care for the sick and elderly currently often requires people to visit the hospital weekly or even more often, new systems are already being tested so that far less trips to the hospital will be required, significantly increasing comfort and personal safety.

But we live a great distance away from the nearest neighbors, won’t it be very expensive for us?

No, part of the reason to do this together is that we all share in the cost. Every connection within our area will cost the same. The more connections we build, the lower the average price will become.

What if I want to get connected after the project is finished?

That will still be possible, it will however be far more expensive. You will have to pay for all the digging and materials yourself and you will most likely not be able to benefit from the EU Grants. The price is very likely to be at least 3 times as high as it will be during the project.

I am sure I do not want fiber!

That is of course your right. Unfortunately, in areas where fiber projects are already completed, it has already become clear that there will be negative side-effects for properties that are not connected. Property values will drop by about 30% and it will become much more difficult to sell them.

What if I just want the connection but no services on it?

That will be possible, you will be able to get a fiber without any services (telephone, tv, internet) on it, that way you will not have to pay for any services after the initial investment. This is a way to future-proof your property, even if you do not currently want any internet-based services. We are only building the infrastructure, you will be free to choose if you actually want to make use of any services that are being offered on the connection.

How much will the services cost?

On http://www.oppenfiber.se/ you can find an indication of what services from different providers will most likely cost on the fiber network. In many cases the total cost for TV+Internet+Telephony will be lower than what you pay today.